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Extra Maths Support - Year 1

Each week, inevitably, there are some children who are unable to succeed on the age-related expected objectives. These extra support activities can be done by a teaching assistant with a small group of children. There are two activities for each week, linked to the maths in Hamilton’s plans for that week. Each activity consists of  a detailed but simple bullet-pointed lesson outline for the TA and a Child Sheet. These intervention activities, if used consistently as you go along, have the potential to make a lot of difference to the children who are below ARE.

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Tower trios (1), Spider counting (2)

Tower trios (1): Finding one more and one less than numbers up to 20. Spider counting (2): Counting in 10s from 10.

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Deadly dinosaurs (1), Shape sums (2)

Deadly dinosaurs (1): Finding pairs which make 6; Selecting and reading the matching additions. Shape sums (2): Finding pairs which make 10; Selecting and reading the matching additions.

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Money bags (1), More spider counting (2)

Money bags (1): Knowing the value of coins from 1p to 20p. More spider counting (2): Counting on in 10s from single-digit numbers.

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Ups and downs (1), Time to play (2)

Ups and downs (1): Comparing weights by direct comparison. Time to play (2): Telling the time to the hour on analogue clocks.

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Snap maths (1), Squabbling squirrels (2)

Snap maths (1): Finding doubles from double 1 to double 6. Squabbling squirrels (2): Halving even numbers up to 12.

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Make the number (1), Beady numbers (2)

Make the number (1): Understanding place value in teens numbers. Beady numbers (2): Comparing numbers up to 20.

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Monster feet (1), Snake families (2)

Monster feet (1): Comparing three heights/lengths. Snake families (2): Using a uniform non-standard measure to measure lengths; Comparing three numbers.

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Don't drink the water! (1), Up and down the thread (2)

Don't drink the water! (1): Comparing capacity by direct comparison. Up and down the thread (2): Counting on and back in 10s.

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Make the snake (1), Spider sums (2)

Make the snake (1): Finding pairs which make 7. Spider sums (2): Adding 10 to 2-digit numbers.

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Awesome pairs to 10 (1), Sums with holes (2)

Awesome pairs to 10 (1): Finding pairs which make 10. Sums with holes (2): Finding how many more are needed to make 10.

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Tap twice (1), Dino stickers (2)

Tap twice (1): Adding 2p by counting on. Dino stickers (2): Finding change form 10p.