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Year 6 Maths

Athene Reiss By Athene Reiss

Hamilton offers Year 6 maths planning in different formats and structures, all designed to help you teach your class to achieve mastery.

Supporting Documents for Teaching Year 6 Maths

Hamilton's guidance 'Skills to go to the Wall for' will help you ensure that your children gain the fundamental building blocks of maths. Secure in these maths skills, children can be confident in progressing toward mastery.

Our calculation strategies set out methods of mental and written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division progressively from Year 1 through to Year 6.

Our 'Contextual Maths Within Topics' guidance will help you find contextual maths activities within upper key stage 2 topics.

Year 6 Maths Planning

Year 6 Maths Blocks and Units
Hamilton's maths blocks are presented in units, each of which teaches a specific mathematical objective (or a small number of related objectives). Units include everything you need for teaching maths, including:

  • Mental/oral starters
  • Whole class teaching, including slide presentations
  • Group activities
  • Mastery questions
  • In-depth problem-solving investigations
  • Extra support activities for children who need a boost to access the unit's learning

Year 6 Maths - Flexible Blocks
Hamilton’s flexible blocks keep the teacher in control, so you can plan sequences of lessons specifically tailored to suit the children in your year 6 class. You choose the order in which to teach the units, so these blocks can be used to fulfill any maths scheme, such as White Rose.
Take a look at our Year 6 Flexible Maths Blocks.

Year 6 Maths - Progressive Short Blocks
Hamilton also provide a recommended progressive teaching order for teachers looking for a structured approach that avoids many of the disadvantages of longer blocks. The same year 6 maths curriculum units as our flexible blocks are presented in a pedagogically secure sequence of mathematical skills.
Take a look at our Year 6 Progressive Short Maths Blocks.