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International Women's Day

Julie St Clair Hoare By Julie St Clair Hoare

The 8th March is International Women's Day. Use it to inspire learning about influential women from history.

Key Stage 1

Hamilton's International Women's Day block is written for Key Stage 1, but it contains activities that can be adapted for other years or even a whole school assembly. Consider issues such as human rights and sterotypes. Learn about women throughout history including positive female role models such as Emmeline Pankhurst and other suffragettes. Discuss stereotypes, and highlight areas where action is still needed to bring about gender equality.

Alternatively, let the stories of high achieving women in history inspire you.


Lower Key Stage 2

Take the opportunity of International Women's Day to focus your class's attention on some well known women artists in our lower key stage two topic 'Meet the Artists'.

Or, take a historical approach and discover the Queen of the Iceni and learn about Boudicca's rebellion. Consider life as a Celtic woman under Roman rule and what issues caused Boudicca to lead a rebellion. Paint a portrait of this powerful female role model.


Upper Key Stage 2

Upper key stage 2 teachers can take a different approach with the mother of the Oba session from our Benin Topic. Find out about how this Benin leader was revered and sometimes played a large role in the running of the kingdom. Design a game to explore the life of Queen Idia.

Alternatively, learn about Mary Anning, one of the most famous palaeontologists ever, in our Mary Anning block from our topic about dinosaurs and fossils. Research the main fossil-hunting areas of the UK and learn about the 18th century when Anning lived. Improvise a play about key events in her life.