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Upper Key Stage 2 Dinosaurs and Fossils - NEW LOOK

Become an enthusiastic, expert palaeontologist! Learn about the fascinating prehistoric creatures that once inhabited the Earth and study the main epochs of fossils. Investigate famous 18th-century palaeontologists Mary Anning and William Buckland. Explore fossil footprints and fossils humans, ice age creatures and their fossils. Study dinosaurs and their eggs, behaviour and extinction. Learn about Darwin and the amazing story of evolution.

Block A
5 sessions
Fossils and Rocks - NEW LOOK

Be a palaeontologist! Find out how fossils are made and make your own. Understand REALLY BIG numbers in the context of the timeline of the Earth. Research the layers of the Earth and learn about the three main epochs of fossils. Tour your school sharing your knowledge with other children.

English, Science, Maths
Block B
4 sessions
Mary Anning

Learn about Mary Anning, one of the most famous palaeontologists ever. Research the main fossil-hunting areas of the UK and learn about the 18th Century when Anning lived. Improvise a play about key events in her life.

English, Science, History, Geography
Block C
6 sessions
Fossil Footprints

Learn what fossil footprints tell us about animals and humans of the past. Record footprints using drawing, measuring and plaster casts. Use maths to wout someone's height, speed and gait from their footprints.

Science, History, Art & Design, Geography
Block D
5 sessions
Fossil Humans

Learn about human evolution. Create your family tree and relate it to the family tree of the human species. How did the early humans disperse around the world? Use storytelling to describe human evolution to other children.

Science, History, Geography
Block E
7 sessions
Ice Age Fossils

Study the Victorian silhouette of William Buckland and his fossils. Learn about his discoveries and links to Mary Anning. Research Ice Age animals in Britain.

English, Science, Art & Design, Geography, History
Block F
5 sessions
Dinosaur Species

Learn about the species of the Mesozoic Era. Reconstruct a dinosaur using clay. Make a Dino-family jigsaw. Create a 3D Mesozoic timeline of the three main eras and populate it with pictures of dinosaur species.

Science, DT
Block G
3 sessions
Dinosaur Extinction

Learn about the climate, vegetation and living things of the late Cretaceous period. Research the main dinosaur extinction theories and plan and argue the case for each theory in a class debate.

RE, English, Science, Music
Block H
6 sessions
Charles Darwin and evolution

Become an expert on Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. Learn about his life, his research, the fossils he collected, his theories about geology, his beliefs about extinction and how he wrote his theory of evolution.

English, Science
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