Upper Key Stage 2 Comparing People and Places

Travel around the world in this geographical topic, as you compare peoples and places in the UK, Europe, North America and South America. Look at your own location and discover the similarities and differences between where you live and these other intriguing locations. Develop your expertise in a number of curriculum areas, including an extensive range of key human and physical geography goals. Select blocks relevant to your children or your wider context to develop understanding of geographical similarities and differences between different countries.

Block A
8 sessions
Local Area

Carry out a structured study of your local area. Develop geographical skills by exploring your local environment and researching and identifying key features and attractions of your area.

Computing, Geography
Block B
4 sessions
The Grand Canyon

Discover the Grand Canyon in Arizona in the United States. Explore how the Colorado River continues to shape the landscape. Learn about the people who live there and see the region through Ansel Adam's photography.

Art & Design, Geography
Block C
4 sessions

Discover Mexico with its extreme and varied landscapes and coasts. Discover a rich heritage of music, art, food and dance, and create your own class fiesta showing off your knowledge of this fascinating country.

DT, Geography
Block D
3 sessions
Amazon Basin

Study the Amazon Basin in South America. Become environmental scientists to investigate the impact of human activity on the natural resources and communities of the region.

Maths, Geography
Block E
4 sessions

Make models and use maps to investigate the key features of the awesome Alps. Learn about the countries around these mountains and study their cultures. Invite visitors into the classroom to share your learning.

DT, Geography
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