Key Stage 1 Changes within Living Memory

Be introduced to historical concepts, vocabulary and representations through exploring the ways in which life has changed over the time of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. Develop a chronology of domestic life, clothes, transport, communication methods, toys and books, food and music. Experience a school day as it would have been in the 1950s and create Acoustic Telephones. Cook up a food festival and create a museum in the classroom!

Block A
3 sessions
Introduction to Changes in Living Memory

Discover rituals and routines of contemporary lives. Contrast these with those of past generations, prompted by the ‘Little Mouse’ who lives in the corner of the classroom!

History, English
Block B
7 sessions
A Day in the Life

Explore different aspects of everyday life such as clothes and washing them, through to school life. Look at the impact of technology and differences in roles and tasks. Experience a traditional 1950s school day.

History, Art & Design
Block C
9 sessions

Examine forms of transport and how this has changed over time. Develop a chronology of automobiles, trains and space travel. Go to a museum or on a rail, canal boat or ferry ride. Explore the history of space travel.

Block D
6 sessions
Keeping in Touch

Share and examine items of communication from previous eras, such as old letters, telegrams, old telephones and old computers. Set up an informative and intriguing class museum using these objects.

Block E
7 sessions
Toys and Books

Compare toys of today to toys of the past. Study changes in materials and technology. Look at changes in children’s book illustrations. Set up a toy and book museum.

Art & Design, History
Block F
9 sessions

How has our experience of food changed over the last 100 years? Look into changes in our tastes, in food availability, and how different factors have affected these. Invite visitors to experience 100 years of food!

Geography, History
Block G
6 sessions

Investigate how our experience of music has changed over the last 50 years. Look into changes in our musical tastes, styles of music and how we experience these inside and outside our homes.

History, Music
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