Hamilton Maths

Download free English and maths materials in our Learning at Home packs.

Hamilton's resources not only help you plan your maths lessons, but also ensure mathematical progression from Reception through key stage 2.

Short Maths Blocks

Reception | Y1 | Y1/2 | Y2 | Y3 | Y3/4 | Y4 | Y5 | Y5/6 | Y6
Use short blocks to follow Hamilton's recommended order of teaching.

Flexible Maths Blocks

Reception | Y1 | Y1/2 | Y2 | Y3 | Y3/4 | Y4 | Y5 | Y5/6 |Y6
Our flexible blocks can be adapted to work alongside any other maths scheme.

Why use Hamilton's Maths Blocks?

Comprehensive planning that covers the statutory objectives of the National Curriculum for England lie at the heart of Hamilton maths.

Written by highly experienced maths specialists, each day's planning includes a starter, whole class teaching, group work, practice activities and a plenary. Differentiation is built in and PowerPoints pull all the elements together in an easy-to-use format.

  • consistently developed models and images underpin children's conceptual understanding
  • problem solving and reasoning questions allow you to assess mastery
  • in-depth investigations develop maths meta-skills and are crucial for enabling children to learn to think mathematically and articulate mathematical ideas
  • practice materials and hands-on activities develop procedural fluency

Additional materials

  • Problem-Solving Investigations provide ways to meet the challenges of building investigative skills from Early Years to Year 6.

    Problem-Solving Investigations →
  • Extra Support activities, designed to be used by TAs with small groups of children, can make a significant difference to children below ARE.

    Extra Intervention Support →
  • Hamilton's calculation strategy sets out mental and written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division from Y1 through Y6.

    Calculation Strategies →
  • 'Go to the Wall' skills are the heart of what enables children to become successful in maths. Don't let your children miss out on these.

    Go to the wall →
  • Use our number lines, fraction walls and place value charts to practice number, calculation, geometry, measurement and fractions.

    Generic maths resources →
  • Staff Meetings are adaptable downloads that provide everything you need to run staff meetings based on Ruth Merttens' maths mastery training.

    Staff Meetings →