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Year 6 Maths SATs Revision

Nick Barwick By Nick Barwick

Hamilton provides revision materials for Year 6 Maths SATs. Plan now to ensure you start revising early enough!

Hamilton's maths planning ensures that every part of the Year 6 content is covered and revised before the statutory assessments in mid-May. Specifically, we provide:

  • Autumn Term: 14 weeks and 3 days teaching;
  • Spring Term: 9 weeks of teaching across three flexible blocks. Many units in these blocks are accompanied by new SATs-style questions: look out for Y6 SATs Practice, an additional 'You Will Need' download;
  • Spring/ Summer Term: Two Revision Menus for you to choose from. Menu 'A' caters largely for number-based skills; Menu 'B' provides for consolidation of non-number topics. The full Menus are also available in the Summer term. Our 'SHORT BLOCKS' provide the same menus of revision teaching.

Teaching time is inevitably tight, as there is much to cover. Each teacher will need to pace this teaching to suit their class and their own term dates.

Overall, to fit ALL the teaching in, including revision, before mid-May, teachers who feel that they need to spend any extra time on a key skill should adjust by taking some time from a week where the teaching is of a skill which is not key, or a skill which children have already mastered. The Revision units do allow for revisiting and we have tried to second-guess those skills which a majority of teachers in Year 6 will feel it is necessary to revisit. However, revision for Year 6 SATs will be driven by the specific needs of the children in your class.

Year 6 Revision Menu A and Menu B are available now!

Hamilton also provide plans and blocks of teaching for the post-SATs period, including an engaging variety of puzzles, investigations and challenges to promote practical activity, collaboration and mathematical reasoning.