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Study the Romans in Key Stage 2

Julie St Clair Hoare By Julie St Clair Hoare

The Roman Empire had a lasting impact on the landscape and culture of Britain. Find out more with Hamilton's FREE cross-curricular history topic for lower key stage 2.

Hamilton's Romans in Britain LKS2 topic is one of our most popular cross-curricular topics. Rigorously researched and filled with engaging activities, the topic is also easily adapted to take advantage of the Roman history in your local area. Perhaps you have the remains of a hill fort in your town, or a nearby Roman building you can visit to look at architectural features, mosaics or roads?

We recommend you start with the first block of this topic - Introduction to the Romans. Learn about the legend of the founding of Rome and the story of Romulus and Remus. Begin to explore the three ruling systems of Rome and debate the merits and downsides of each. Identify Rome and Italy on maps of Europe, and look at the expansion of the Roman Empire over time.

Then choose from the following blocks according to your local opportunities or your curriculum focus:

  • Life in Britain before the Romans - Learn about life in a Celtic village during the Iron Age. Look at Celtic round houses, hill forts and tribal warfare.
  • The Roman invasion of Britain - Understand the power and organisation of the Roman army, and the Roman conquest in 43 CE by Emperor Claudius.
  • Roman entertainment - Explore Roman gladiators and chariot races. Design and build a Roman chariot and then evaluate the results.
  • Roman mosaics - Study Roman mosaics and then design and create mosaic pictures using stick-printing techniques.
  • Boudicca's rebellion - Discover the story of the Queen of the Iceni. Learn what led to Boudicca's rebellion, and about the battle she fought with the Romans. Perform a dance/drama of the Battle of Colchester.
  • Roman army and busts - Understand why the Roman army was so powerful and create Roman busts that reflect this power.
  • Roman buildings and engineering - Look at how the Romans solved engineering problems by studying Roman roads, columns, arches and aqueducts. Create a model aqueduct.
  • Roman legacy - Learn about Latin, the language of the Romans, their calendar, Roman numerals, law and order and Roman roads and towns.

A Rich and Varied Cross-curricular Topic

The range and scope of this fascinating topic enables you to teach history, English, geography, art and design, music, design and technology, science, maths, computing and global citizenship in linked sessions. The depth of the planning materials and resources produced under specialist guidance for both content and pedagogy will give you confidence teaching this topic.

Explore The Romans in Britain topic for Lower Key Stage 2.