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Spelling and Grammar (SPaG) in Hamilton English Plans

Grace Woollard By Grace Woollard

We offer a range of SPaG resources for primary teachers.

Teaching and Revising Grammar across the Primary Key Stages
Hamilton's grammar slide presentations for your interactive white board can be used singly, in sequence or in conjunction with our English blocks to teach the grammar in the national curriculum.

Extra Grammar and Punctuation Exercises for Year 5 and Year 6
Hamilton also provide a comprehensive set of additional grammar and punctuation presentations and exercises that can be alongside the blocks or independently to cover or revise the grammar curriculum.

These blocks are great for teaching English grammar to English speakers and non-English speakers alike. Use them to teach and revise grammar for your UKS2 (Year 5, Year 5/6 or Year 6) class. The presentations can be used to introduce or revise a grammatical concept followed by practice exercises. Or, just dive in to the selection of differentiated exercises.

They can help you revise grammar for the end of year tests. They give you clear and accurate lessons to facilitate this important revision for all single- and mixed-year groups from Year 3 to Year 5. They can revolutionise your revision!

More Grammar Revision for Year 6
Hamilton have also written grammar revision specially for Year 6 Spring Term. They follow a Harry Potter theme and can be taught on their own or as part of a whole term's worth of English revision.

Units 1-8 each contain a 5-minute grammar revision presentation to help you quickly go over the grammar your class will need for SATs. Each unit also contains longer, more comprehensive presentations for use across a whole week of teaching.

Unit 9 contains mock Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling papers (with answers) to give your class a chance to practice in the format of the SATs paper.

Quick Phonics
Younger children will enjoy our Quick Phonics, an interactive flash game that children can play individually or in groups to practise their understanding of the different phonemes that make up words.

Guidance and reference materials

  • Hamilton structured grammar scheme: Hamilton's grammar overview lays out a developmental approach to teaching Grammar from Y1 through to Y6 and helps with whole-school planning.

    Download grammar scheme →
  • Grammar for writing: The National Literacy Strategy's grammar guidance still contains useful advice and activities for Key Stage 2 teachers.

    Download grammar for writing →
  • Support for spelling: The National Literacy Strategy's spelling guidance is still extremely useful for teachers for teachers working from Year 2 through to Year 6.

    Download support for spelling →
  • Spelling bank: This National Literacy Strategy's spelling bank offers lists of words and spelling activities which are useful resources for Key Stage 2 teachers.

    Download spelling bank →