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Promote British Values and Explore Britain in our KS1 Topic

Julie St Clair Hoare By Julie St Clair Hoare

Hamilton's key stage 1 topic 'We Are Britain' teaches children to appreciate the fundamental British values of tolerance, harmony and respect between people of different backgrounds in the context of learning about the four nations of the UK.

Year 1 and 2 pupils will learn key geographical vocabulary in the context of the countries and capitals of the United Kingdom which provides experience using maps, atlases and globes. A series of creative activities such as puppet show presentations, a castle-inspired art exhibition, a class ‘We are Great Britain’ conference and a final Great British Bakery celebration will motivate children to learn about the four countries of Britain.

Teaching British Values in Your KS1 Class

This topic begins with a block of sessions on British Values, which provides the opportunity to celebrate the family histories and cultures of the children in your class. Share your family stories, your interests, hobbies and family traditions. A class ‘Breakfast Club’ will reveal what different cultures eat for breakfast and celebrate the diversity of all and the key values of tolerance and respect.


Explore the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Board a flying bus to learn about the Four Nations that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Take a tour of London and then visit the four nations learning about their key physical and key human features. Participate in a St George’s Day Pageant, Highland Games, Eisteddfod and Belfast Lord Mayor’s Parade. Become a delegate at a National Conference.

Seaside will motivate your children to find out about seaside towns in each of the four countries. Learn about the coming of the railways and the start of the seaside holiday. Study the life in rock pools and coastal environments. Finish with group puppet show presentations about one of the seaside towns you have studied.

Mountains and Major Hills invites you to take a hot air balloon trip around Great Britain and discover the main summits in each country. Investigate the class’s favourite snacks to pack for a hill walk or mountain climb. Design and create summit sculptures and make a brochure using art and writing skills. Leave the classroom for a ‘climb’, singing songs until you reach a ‘summit’ marked by sculptures. Enjoy your favourite snacks, listen to a story and join in singing games before retreating back down to the classroom.

Ratty and Moley will help you learn about Rivers and Canals. Journey down a river, create rivers and canals and discover the differences between them. Track animals and create your own animal evidence. Discover the significance of rivers and canals in industry. Build your own boats to launch during the final session - the 'fact picnic' where you can share your watery knowledge.

Discover the most splendid Castles around the British Isles. Find out about the range of architecture by using different art and craft techniques and help the Duke of Normandy plan his next castle!

Celebrate the Best of Britain!

Celebrate Britain gives your class a chance to consolidate all that you have learnt about the physical and human geography of the British Isles. You enjoy the best baked goods, drink, music and dance from each country in a celebration that supports British values of tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions. This is a perfect topic with which to focus on the 'rich and varied curriculum' now being promoted by OFSTED through its focus on curriculum intent, implementation and impact.

Take a look at the We Are Britain KS1 topic.