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Hamilton and OFSTED's New Framework: Intent, Implementation and Impact

Ruth Merttens By Ruth Merttens

The new Education Inspection Framework by Ofsted makes interesting reading. The report is structured by reference to the three 'I's.

The Three 'I's: intent, implementation and impact

  • Intent – the extent to which schools demonstrate a rich and varied curriculum, one which is not simply focused on teaching to the tests or achieving good exam results.
  • Implementation – that teachers present all aspects of this broad and balanced curriculum (not just English and maths) and are visibly encouraging discussion and the whole-hearted engagement of pupils, without an over-concentration on outcomes and with a far greater emphasis on processes.
  • Impact – that learners develop detailed knowledge and skills across the whole curriculum. It follows that there will be a greater emphasis on the behaviour and attitudes of pupils and a much less single-lens approach to data.

As highlighted earlier in the year, an explicit part of the rationale for the new Inspection Framework is the desire to improve the richness and inspirational aspects of primary education and a concomitant intention to lower the workload of primary teachers. These things summarise Hamilton's very 'reason for being'.

  1. The use of inspirational texts and teaching is fundamental to Hamilton’s English Blocks. This is where the teaching of specific grammatical topics is linked, and feeds in to, the all important higher level literacy skills so that the foundation of a good English curriculum – the engagement with wonderful children’s literature in several media – is genuinely at the heart of all our teaching.
  2. Hamilton's wide range of cross-curricular topics covers a wide range of content across all subject areas. Rich resources support the teaching of art, drama, history and geography and the variety of subjects include the most popular as well as some more unusual titles – everything from the Great Fire of London or the Romans to the Carnival of Animals or the Shang Dynasty.
  3. Hamilton science has impact at its very heart. Every block includes a strong focus on the skills of scientific inquiry through an investigative and exploratory approach that makes learning memorable. Children will take away a deep understanding of both science content and scientific method.

It is not necessary to re-invent the wheel here. Hamilton has done the research, looked out the best books and put together the resources. We signal the websites and locations to visit and provide all you need to get going. Hamilton have been promoting a rich and varied curriculum since its origins in the 1980s. Read what Ruth and some of our users have said.

Save Your Own Sundays as you provide a stimulating and motivating curriculum in your class.