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Mixed Year Maths (1/2, 3/4, 5/6)

Athene Reiss By Athene Reiss

Hamilton has always been attentive to the unique challenges of teaching mixed age classes, and we are pleased to announce the availability of mixed age flexible and short maths blocks on our website.

Flexible and short blocks for mixed age teaching are now fully available for Autumn and Spring.

Summer will be appearing from February half-term.

Our long flexible blocks allow you to choose how to structure your term's teaching, while our short maths blocks provide all the inbuilt advantages of the weekly plans and more. Find out more about the benefits of short maths blocks.

Short blocks: Year 1/2 | Year 3/4 | Year 5/6
Flexible blocks: Year 1/2 | Year 3/4 | Year 5/6

We liked seeing the shape of the whole year, the choice of both group activities AND practice sheets for differentiated abilities and the uncluttered, user-friendly presentation of the blocks.

Oxford teachers reviewing a preview of blocks

What is included in the mixed age blocks?

Like our single year blocks, the mixed age blocks include units organised around a specific objective or set of closely related objectives. Each unit contains everything you need to teach mastery of the relevant skills and concepts to children in both age ranges:

  • Teaching and activities. Each teaching day includes whole class teaching for each age range, and differentiated group activities for children working below ARE, children working around ARE and children working at greater depth.
  • Presentations. These give you everything you need to demonstrate to your class, and provide consistent models and images to aid their understanding through all their primary years.
  • Quick mental workouts. In place of oral/mental starters, we are providing quick mental challenges to help you keep numeracy skills 'on the boil' either as a warm up before your maths lesson or as a separate activity.
  • Procedural fluency practice worksheets. Each day has practice worksheets for both age groups.
  • Mastery: Reasoning and Problem-Solving. A set of mastery questions will help you assess mastery for each unit. Each unit also comes with a dedicated problem-solving investigation that is 'low floor, high ceiling' and can be tackled by all the children in your class.
  • Extra support. Each week, inevitably, there are some children who are unable to succeed at age-related objectives. These intervention activities, if used consistently as you go along, have the potential to make a lot of difference to the children who are below ARE.

We plan to add mixed age maths blocks for years R/1, 2/3 and 4/5 in due course.

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