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Long Division PowerPoints to help cure Year 6 headaches!

Nick Barwick By Nick Barwick

Succeeding on Paper 1 - the Arithmetic Test - can tip the balance of SATs success. Our slide presentations provide all you need to be totally ready on the day!

I remember asking my Year 6 class why they thought division - particularly long division - was a skill that learners often found tricky. After a minute or two to discuss with friends, they shared their ideas. It's a while back now, but it read something like this:

  • You have to know the times tables - all of them, inside out and upside down;
  • You have to understand place value - not just a bit, but really deeply;
  • To complete this operation involves using ALL of the other three operations (+, - and x);
  • To get remainders correct, you have to understand the links between fractions and decimals;
  • To get answers correct, you have to be good at reading and understanding what the question is asking. Do we need to leave the answer as it is, or round it up or down?

They were right, weren't they? Ask your class and they'll tell you the same; maybe even adding other points to the list.

Using Hamilton's PowerPoint Slide Presentations to help teach these skills is a great time-saver. They provide clear, step-by-step animations, key questions and worked examples of problem-solving:

Long-division_PPT Long-division_PPT2

Use our PowerPoints to structure your teaching input, alongside our other materials, and you have the complete tool-kit for SATs success!

Download presentations from each unit that covers Long Division:

  • Spring Multiplication and Division, Unit 3 and Unit 5
  • Spring/Summer Revision Menu A, Unit 3