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International Space Day

Julie St Clair Hoare By Julie St Claire Hoare

Launch your class into the solar system on International Space Day. The first Friday in May is the perfect excuse to take advantage of Hamilton's exciting (and free!) Earth and Space science planning to create an unforgettable day.

Hamilton offer two space-themed science blocks for your class. In both children will study the solar system, its movements and how it works, as well as what that means for day and night, seasons, sun-dials and the lunar month. They will carry out fun practical investigations within a meaningful context.

In our Year 5 block Space Presenters your class will take on the work of researching a new series of the TV show Stargazing aimed at young children. Can your class come up with the explanations and demonstrations of the science behind the solar system?

Meanwhile in our specially adapted mixed Year 5/6 block Space! your class needs to help Galileo find evidence for his theories about the solar system. Help him convince the Romans that the Earth does move around the sun - before time runs out!

These are the perfect sessions to launch on International Space Day in May.

Remember, all our science session planning is FREE, although Friends of Hamilton and school subscribers have access to additional supporting materials. Find out more about Hamilton's science scheme.