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International Space Day

Julie St Clair Hoare By Julie St Clair Hoare

Launch your class into the solar system on International Space Day.

International Space Day on the first Friday in May is the perfect excuse to take advantage of Hamilton's space-related planning resources to create an unforgettable day.

Take your Reception class into space


Young children love the excitement of space! Hamilton's 'On the Move' topic includes a whole block about Space. Inspired by stories and rhymes, children use their imagination to travel away from Earth and into space. They learn about rockets, the moon, stars and the planets. Teach an alien visitor about earth life and space travel. Have fun creating your own space rockets, space art and stories.

Explore our Reception topic block about space.

Discover Neil Armstrong in Key Stage 1


Year 1 and 2 children will love our topic block about explorers. Compare the incredible journey through space to the moon in the twentieth century with the journey by sea to the Americas in the fifteenth century. Develop a historical understanding of the lives and significance of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. Compare equipment, navigation techniques and materials used by Columbus in his journey across the seas to the Americas in the fifteenth century with that used by Armstrong in his travel through space to the moon in the twentieth.

Explore our KS1 topic block about explorers.

Become Stargazers in key stage 2


Study the solar system, its movements and how it works, as well as what that means for seasons, sun-dials and the lunar month. Carry out fun practical investigations within a meaningful context.

Year 5 children will love our science block about Earth and Space.

Create three episodes of the TV series 'Stargazing' that cover the planets and solar system; night and day; and the lunar month. Children come up with practical and clear explanations and demonstrations of the science behind each phenomenon. Is your class up for the challenge?

Explore our Year 5 science block about Space Presenters.

If you teach a mixed Year 5/6 class, your class can help Galileo find evidence for his theories about the solar system. Help him prove to the The Inquisition that the Earth moves round the sun, that the moon moves around the Earth, and that the seasons and day & night are all a consequence of these movements. Galileo needs your class to provide experimental evidence, not just current astrological thinking… and he is running out of time!

Explore our Year 5/Year 6 science block about space.

Remember, all our science session planning is FREE, although Friends of Hamilton and school subscribers have access to additional supporting materials. Find out more about Hamilton's science scheme.

Anniversary of the First Moon Landing

Finish up your study of all things space related on the 20th July which marks the anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon in 1969.