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Free Maths Resources on Hamilton

Athene Reiss By Athene Reiss

Hamilton has thousands of maths resources for primary and secondary teachers. But did you know that we make over 1000 of these documents available for free?

Hamilton's maths plans are grouped in units, each of which contains a sequence of lessons covering a single mathematical objective (or sometimes a couple of closely related smaller objectives). The precise number of days in each unit varies from 2 to 5, depending on the content. A sequence of these units makes up a block covering a term's worth of teaching in a particular maths area such as multiplication/division or shape.

Most of the time, the first unit in a block is freely downloadable, so that you can try out Hamilton teaching resources across the whole range of mathematical areas. These free units includes starters, whole class and group activities, procedural fluency practice worksheets, problem-solving investigations and extra support to boost those children not quite ready to work at the class level. Visual resources to support your pedagogy, tips on how to address common misconceptions and even slide presentations for your interactive white board are also included.

Start exploring Hamilton maths now!

See all Reception blocks
Open our 'Counting and naming numerals' unit for free downloads on Reception number.

See all Year 1 blocks
Open our 'Explore shapes and line symmetry' unit for free downloads on Y1 shape and data.

See all Year 2 blocks
Open our 'Count to 100, identify number, estimate' unit for free downloads on Y2 number and place value.

See all Year 3 blocks
Open our 'Revision of 2x, 5x and 10x tables' unit for free downloads on Y3 multiplication and division.

See all Year 4 blocks
Open our 'Tell time to nearest minute: am/pm' unit for free downloads on Y4 measures and data.

See all Year 5 blocks
Open our 'Divide by 10/100; 2-place decimals' unit for free downloads on Y5 decimals and fractions.

See all Year 6 blocks
Open our 'Generate and use simple formulae' unit for free downloads on Y6 algebra.