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Eylan Ezekiel

By Ruth Merttens

Introducing Eylan

My name is Eylan Ezekiel and I am very pleased to say that I am the new Head of Hamilton Brookes.

In this short post, I will try to answer a few of the obvious questions that come from that sentence.

Q1 - Who is this guy and what’s he got to do with Hamilton?
Q2 - What are you doing at Hamilton and what is Ruth Merttens doing?
Q3 - Why has the name changed?


Like so many teachers around the country, I’ve been a user of Hamilton Trust resources as a classroom teacher- largely in London, but also in Oxford. Apart from teaching, I’ve always stayed very close to schools - and have been in educational publishing / technology for most of that time - with names like OUP, Rising Stars, OxfamGB and BrainPOP. I hope to bring some of these experiences, and also my passion for primary to the work that Hamilton does. I am very easy to find through an internet search - but what might not be so obvious is that I’m also a fanatical Ultimate Frisbee player!


Ruth Merttens has led Hamilton Trust, and the team here, with huge expertise, energy and generosity. Ruth will continue to lead the educational work we do to support teachers and schools, and she and I will be working very closely together to ensure that you continue to get the best possible support for your teaching and learning.

As Head of Hamilton Brookes, I will be developing ways to improve the delivery of our offer to you, including bringing some of my edtech expertise to harness the power of digital tools to support busy teachers. I also have a passion for engaging learning experiences, and a commitment to resources that engage positively with global challenges and social inequalities.


Hamilton Trust is now Hamilton Brookes, because we have moved ‘home’ into Oxford Brookes University. There are so many reasons why this has happened, and it’s mainly because we share a common vision for excellence in primary education.

Apart from a very simple name change, this should have minimal impact on you! We will be in touch over the next few months to update you on changes to our terms and conditions, and other small changes that will take place over the Summer.

I am hugely proud that Ruth has welcomed me into the Hamilton family and am excited about the work we will be doing together.

Eylan Ezekiel

Head of Hamilton Brookes

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