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Exciting news

By Ruth Merttens - 25 May 2023

New Developments at Hamilton

A message from Ruth

As everyone knows, I have been associated with Hamilton for a very long time – so long that I don’t like to mention the number of years in case I feel old!
Well, now both Hamilton and I are extremely lucky in that I have been joined by the new Head of Hamilton, Eylan Ezekiel.

New home
Eylan has arrived as part of another exciting development in Hamilton’s evolving history. We have found a new home with Oxford Brookes University and Hamilton is now happily moved and located at the University’s Harcourt Hill Campus, where the views are considerably better than they were from our old office!

With Eylan, I am super excited to be working on a range of new ideas and resources, many of which will start appearing on the site before too long. See below for further details and do watch this space!

I really hope that all Hamilton friends and schools have a well-earned rest and maybe even some sunshine over the bank holiday and half term. Hamilton staff are looking forward to the same – including myself and my new partner at Hamilton, Eylan.

Ruth Merttens

Other developments

New English Materials
Early arrivals have included the exciting new resources in our offering of Summer English Blocks for mixed-age range. Even if you teach a single age class, I would urge you to look at these new materials – they are super exciting and wholly suitable for either of the ages mentioned. Thus the thought-provoking Y5/6 Non-fiction block on Fake News would make a brilliant two or three weeks for a Y6 teacher looking to do something special now that Sats are over. Similarly, the Y1/2 block ‘Stories about Feelings’ would make a great wind down for the Y2 at this moment. So do look at the mixed age as well as single age for diversity and extra special stimulation when teaching English. We shall soon be adding a bank of materials for those often-forgotten mixed classes, Y2/3 and Y4/5. So keep an eye out for these.

Maths Assessments
We are so pleased to announce that all the assessments for the single age range maths blocks as well as those for Y1/2, Y3/4 and Y5/6 are now available on the site. These are super useful for finding out exactly who can do what, so do have a look for them – they are in each block under the skills headings. Once again, we shall be augmenting these with those for the age ranges commonly forgotten, Y2/3 and Y4/5, which will be there for the next academic year.