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Can I use Hamilton with White Rose?

Ruth Merttens By Ruth Merttens

'Can I use Hamilton with White Rose?' We hear this question often. Happily, the answer is an emphatic 'YES!' Hamilton complements White Rose or any maths scheme.

We have specifically designed the new Hamilton materials to make them easy to use alongside White Rose or any of the other Mastery schemes provided by Maths Hubs. Outlined below are the points of similarity. But there is an important difference! Hamilton supply everything you need for each day’s teaching – lesson presentations, starters, activities, a note of possible misconceptions, the relevant problem solving tasks, as well as extra support for pre-teaching or post-lesson catch up. It’s all there, ready and waiting! Reasons why it’s wholly compatible with White Rose include…

  • Concrete to Pictorial to Abstract This underpins our approach to calculation, as well as that of the Maths Hubs and White Rose. We use a developmental approach to models and images, which provides consistency and enables children to progress from concrete experiences through to visual and finally abstract understanding.
  • Blocked Curriculum Hamilton's Blocks can be used to match those of White Rose or other Mastery Curricula. We are aware that only the class teacher can say with confidence whether it will benefit the children to continue on a particular topic, or whether it is best to ‘park it’ and return to it later. Therefore we have structured our Blocks in separate skills-based units, clearly identified, so that the class teacher can tailor the length of a block to her class’s specific needs.
  • Whole Class Together Hamilton provide lessons which are designed to be taught to the whole class, and include suitable activities. If, for whatever reason, not all the children in your class are able to access the main task, we provide helpful activities focussed on pre-requisite skills and also extensions which encourage learning in greater depth.
  • Problem Solving and Reasoning Having always been one of Hamilton’s key strengths, problem solving and reasoning activities are now expanded and brought to foreground in Hamilton's Mastery Curriculum planning. There are investigative and problem solving activities highlighted in every unit of every block.
  • Mastery Questions Before closing a unit, teachers can use our page of Mastery assessments to evaluate whether each child has fully integrated the skill or concept into their understanding.

So using Hamilton simply augments White Rose or other Maths for Mastery scheme, and should help to Save Your Sundays!