Upper Key Stage 2 Victorians

Our Victorians topic facilitates the study of Queen Victoria - her life, family, portraits and homes. In addition, you can learn about major inventions of the period as well as other aspects of the daily lives of Victoria’s subjects. Workhouses and child labour are studied through fiction. Census data, maps and buildings provide the basis for developing an understanding of local history.

Block A
9 sessions
Long live the Queen

Learn about Queen Victoria's life before and after her coronation. Discover what contemporary images can tell us about the Queen's life and times. Find out about famous Victorians as well as some of the innovations and inventions of the era.

History, English, Art & Design, Computing, Geography
Block B
3 sessions
Victorian Schools

Use Victorian records and descriptions to gain an understanding of what Victorian schooling was like and how it compares to modern times. Learn about the development of free universal schooling in the UK.

History, English, Computing
Block C
6 sessions
Dickensian London

Explore Victorian London with an emphasis on the experiences of poor children to gain an understanding of the impact of poverty in the increasingly crowded Victorian cities and changes in the nature of childhood since that time.

History, English, Computing
Block D
3 sessions
Local Streets

Explore your local area in order to understand changes since Victorian times and some of the wider context for Victorian poverty.

History, English, Geography
Block E
2 sessions
Local People

Use census data to learn about people who lived in your local area in the Victorian period. See how the overall characteristics of local people changed over the course of the Victorian period, while gaining an understanding of different ways data can be organised and presented.

History, Maths
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