Reception Superheroes

Who are the superheroes in your life? Why are they superheroes? Are you a superhero and why? This is a topic that focuses on the hero in all of us; a fun topic that focuses on ourselves, our families, superhero animals, superhero vehicles, the super people around us who help us, such as teachers, doctors, religious leaders, police and fire fighters.

Block A
6 sessions
I'm A Superhero

Can you bring out the superhero in you? Explore being the best you can be, why you are unique and how you can help your body be strong and healthy, your brain – sparky and your actions – helpful.

English, PE, Art & Design, Science
Block B
4 sessions
My Super Family

Who are the key members of your family, and what makes them your superheroes? Draw portraits, interview them and celebrate their special qualities. Hold an art exhibition and invite your special people.

English, Art & Design, Science
Block C
8 sessions
Real Superheroes

Superheroes are all around us! There are teachers, police, paramedics, doctors and religious leaders. Invite some of them to tell you about their jobs, say thank you and make speeches about why they are superheroes.

English, PE, PSHE, Art & Design, RE
Block D
5 sessions
Superhero Vehicles

Take an opportunity to focus on superhero vehicles that build, move earth and transport us across different terrains. Look at their features and make your own small world versions. Do some great related maths.

Maths, Art & Design, Science
Block E
5 sessions
Superhero Animals

Animals can be superheroes too! Discover the ways dogs are trained to help people with additional needs and find out about horses that work for us. Make superhero animals from junk modelling for your own show!

English, Art & Design
Block F
3 sessions
Superhero Project

What would your ideal playground look like? Work together as a class to improve your playground; organise fundraising opportunities in school and celebrate your achievements.

English, Maths, PSHE, Art & Design
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