Reception Transport: On the Move

This topic provides learning opportunities on the theme of travel, perfect for Reception children who love to move around any way they can. Children explore travelling over land, on water, through the air and into space. They consider how they move through their local area and where they go on holidays. The topic includes a block on classic tales of journeys such as The Wind in the Willows, Rosie's Walk, and the very different woodland walks taken by Little Red Riding Hood and the Gruffalo.

Block A
4 sessions
My Journeys

How many different ways can you move on your own feet? What footwear do you wear for the journeys around and from your home? Explore your local journeys through expressive dramatic movement.

English, Maths, PE, Art & Design, PSHE
Block B
6 sessions
My Special Journeys

Where do you go on special days and why? Inspired by your holiday journeys, journeys to visit relatives and your special faith journeys, tell Ladybird, who has left the farm to go to London, all about your travels.

English, Art & Design, RE
Block C
7 sessions
Over Land

Set off over land to explore the climates and environments of mountains, deserts and icy lands. Explore travel using cars, trains and buses. Investigate wheels and make vehicles.

English, PE, Art & Design, Geography, Science
Block D
5 sessions
Over Water

Have you been in a paddleboat, rowing boat, barge, ship or yacht? Have you travelled over a pond, canal, river or the sea? Listen to the adventures of Mr Gumpy, Mrs Armitage, the Owl and the Pussycat.

English, PSHE, Art & Design, Science
Block E
5 sessions
Through the Air

Learn about air travel. Make paper aeroplanes and air balloons. Tell stories about airborne adventures and be inspired by famous artists to create your own artworks.

English, Maths, PSHE, Art & Design, Science, RE
Block F
6 sessions

Use your imagination to travel away from Earth and into space. Learn about rockets, the moon, stars and the planets. Have a visit from an alien and teach them about earth life and space travel.

PE, Maths, Science, Art & Design, History
Block G
5 sessions
Through Nature

Plan journeys to a Woodland Classroom. Explore wild environments and make nature art, journey sticks and fairy houses. Use the forest as your classroom.

English, Science, Art & Design, Geography, PE, PSHE
Block H
4 sessions
Classic Tales

Listen to the classic journeys taken by Rosie the Hen, the Gruffalo, Little Red Riding Hood, Mr Gumpy, Toad, Mole, Ratty and Badger. Take part in role-plays, make puppets and create your own imaginative journey stories.

English, Art & Design
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