Lower Key Stage 2 Invaders and Settlers: Vikings

Children develop their knowledge of the Viking invasion and settlement in Britain through a series of practical and informative blocks that have imaginative outcomes such as a Viking Quest board game, a group model of a longhouse, a Viking feast, a Dragon’s Den trade drama, a mythological creature and a Viking celebration event.

Block A
3 sessions
Introduction to the Vikings

Where did the Vikings come from? Where did they invade and settle? Why did they leave Scandinavia and why were they successful invaders? Work on time lines, maps and creative writing.

History, English, Geography
Block B
6 sessions
Viking Raiders

Learn about the beliefs and weapons of the Viking warriors, the design of their longships and famous Viking leaders and explorers. Construct your own Viking shield and longships.

History, English, Computing, DT
Block C
6 sessions
Viking Way of Life

Research Viking farm settlements. Make and label a carefully researched model of a longhouse, weave simple cloth, make a leather pouch and then host a Viking meal for parents and carers.

English, Computing, DT, History, PSHE
Block D
3 sessions
Viking Trade

Learn about Viking traders, their routes, the items they traded and their markets by taking part in engaging classroom tasks such as a role-play trade game, a 'senses' art activity and a 'Viking Dragon’s Den' challenge.

History, English, Art & Design, Computing
Block E
8 sessions
Mythology, Art and Culture

Learn about Viking gods, their creation myth, the Norse 9 worlds and Tree of Life. Discover their writing, sagas and legacy through dance, painting, plaster modelling and poetry.

English, Art & Design, Computing, DT, History, PE
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