Key Stage 1 Oceans and Seas

Through a series of lively and interesting activities the children will build their knowledge of oceans and seas around the world. They will begin to understand the different environments these represent and how they affect life on land as well as at sea. They will develop their geographical skills and build up their knowledge of food chains, exploration, and evolution.

Block A
5 sessions
Oceans and Seas of the World

Learn about the seas around the UK and the oceans and continents of the world. Investigate waves. Inspired by J. M. W. Turner, create watercolour sea-storm collages.

Art & Design, Music, Geography
Block B
4 sessions
Atlantic Underwater World

Find out about how life is adapted to living in the Atlantic. Understand waterproofing, study how pattern is used for camouflage and understand about food chains. Create a sculpture of ocean creatures and plants.

Art & Design, Science
Block C
4 sessions
Pacific Underwater World

Discover the Pacific Ocean and the Great Barrier Reef. Make diagrams of food chains, role-play an underwater expedition, make films about sea creatures. Use different techniques for a Great Barrier Reef display.

Geography, Science, Art & Design
Block D
4 sessions
Sea Mythology

Inspired by mythological sea creatures, listen to sounds of the sea to write a poem. Use the voyage of Odysseus to create a sequence of sounds about his journey. Storyboard and perform movements inspired by Odysseus.

Music, PE, English
Block E
4 sessions
Fantasy Islands

Write a poem inspired by a message in a bottle from a shipwrecked sailor. Develop map reading skills and knowledge of compass points. Create treasure island models.

DT, Geography
Block F
9 sessions
Boats and Ships

Research voyage lengths, regattas and seafarers. Write journal entries, use code, compose telegram and construct boats. Carry out floatation experiments.

DT, History, Science
Block G
5 sessions
The Galapagos Islands and Charles Darwin

Enter the world of Darwin. Research the Galapagos for a fact-file. Learn about adaptation. Collect plant samples and make sketches. Make a documentary about Darwin.

Geography, Art & Design, DT
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