Key Stage 1 Geographical Skills - Mini topic

Explore your local area to develop core geographical skills in a fun topic that relates closely to the children's world both in and out of school.

This topic can be used as an overall introduction to the subject in Year 1 or Year 2 or as a way to pull together the skills learned across the key stage in Year 2. It complements our other geography focussed topics for key stage 1: Oceans and Seas, Weather Experts, We Are Britain and Our School and Local Area.

Our KS1 Geography Curriculum Planner can help your school plan and track coverage across the whole key stage.

Block A
6 sessions
Building Skills in Geography

Fill in a special Geography Genius passport by taking part in a series of mapping and fieldwork challenges. Become a Map Master and try your hand at creating 3D landscapes, as well as helping alien education visitors to learn more about your local area.

Geography, English, Maths, Science, Art & Design, DT, History, Music, PSHE, Dance
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