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Key Stage 1 E-Safety - Mini Topic

This mini-topic offers an engaging way to cover the vital subject of e-safety. Through the creation of a cyber-safety rainbow, children will understand the following key areas: the meaning of staying safe online; the importance of keeping personal information and passwords safe; the potential dangers of meeting people online; how to find safe and reliable content; who to go to for help; and how to enjoy safely the many opportunities the internet has to offer. As children collect their rainbow paints they can build their cyber-rainbow to remind them of the pleasures and pitfalls of the online world.

Block A
5 sessions
E-Safety Mini Topic - KS1

Use a a cyber-safety rainbow to teach different aspects of safe online behaviour. Keep personal data and passwords safe. Learn about the risk of meeting people online, how to find safe and reliable content, who can help and how to enjoy the internet safely.

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