Short Blocks

Maths Reception/Year 1 Summer Patterns: Groups and Fractions (A)

See our Back to Lockdown? materials in each Unit. Short video about Lockdown materials
If only 1 or 2 children are at home, provide them with our Learning at Home Packs.

Every unit now has TA/Tutor Activities specially designed for groups of Y1 children needing adult support.
Remember - tailored Y1 Whole class catch-up activities will help to revise Key Skills from the year before.

Each Block below is divided into one or two 5-day Units. Each unit provides:
- for Reception: a choice of activities to target the key characteristics of effective early learning;
- for Y1: differentiated teaching and practice of one or two specific Skills.

Counting & calculating by grouping (suggested as 5 days)

Exploring and Playing

  1. Stocktake
  2. Throw and count
  3. Crowds
  4. Turn the cards

Coping with Lockdown?

Year 1 With TA or Tutor

A TA or Tutor can use these activities 1-to-1 or with a small group of children to support learning. Notes on How to Use are provided for teacher and TA/Tutor.

Back to Lockdown?

If your class/school is closing for a while, here are some suggestions for what to teach online, and what to provide for practice at home.

Reception: Home Learning packs for the Summer term are taken from Y1 Spring term. The Route Map outlines what to teach online and what to practise at home. The Home Pack provides all materials needed at home. Mix and match with the Reception Play Activities.
Year 1: Home Packs are not being prepared for this unit. If children are at home for a short while this term, use the 'Local Lockdown?' units on the Summer term home page.