Famous for more than Five Minutes

Block G - Inventors

Study people who have made significant contributions both nationally and internationally. Be inspired by their achievements and try some projects in the same areas of expertise such as art, music, leadership, science, mathematics and invention. Be inspired by these role models, to dream of what you might achieve in the future. Choose famous people from the following broad historical eras: Tudor and Renaissance times (T), Victorian and early Modern times (V), Early Twentieth Century (E) and Late Twentieth /Early Twentieth Century (L). Each block will allow you to explore one or two changes in aspects of everyday life.

Meet inventors from history, discuss and order their inventions on a timeline and start to ask ‘inventor questions’ that lead to inventions. Create technical drawings, design and build models and write tenders in role as inventors. Children will present their inventions to the class.

This Topic is written for Key Stage 1. If you want to use this Topic for a different Key Stage, you will need to consider how to adapt the outcomes, content, delivery methods, resources and differentiation, as well as the relevant National Curriculum objectives.

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01: What do inventors to?

‘Meet’ some famous inventors from the past. Order some significant inventors on a timeline. Match ‘inventor questions’ to actual inventions. Try and answer an ‘inventor question’ that has yet to be solved.

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02: Da Vinci and his parachute

Meet da Vinci the inventor and learn about his parachute idea. Order transport inventions through time. Make da Vinci’s parachute and then design and make own parachutes.

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03: Da Vinci's inventions and technical drawings

Look at copies of da Vinci’s transport designs as technical drawings. Complete a technical drawing of a vehicle. Make a model of one of da Vinci’s transport designs using variousfixings.

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04: Testing planes with the Wright Brothers

Learn about the lives of the Wright brothers. Make and test paper aeroplanes.

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05: Making vehicles move

Explore historic engines / mechanisms that make things move. Design and make a mode of transport using a simple 'stored energy’ (rubber-band) mechanism.

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06: Applying for an inventor's tender

Identify the qualities of historic inventors. Draft and redraft a letter of application for an inventor’s tender.

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07: Becoming an inventor

Create a technical drawing of own design. Design, make and present an invention.