Key Stage 1 Famous for more than Five Minutes - NEW LOOK

Study people who have made significant contributions both nationally and internationally. Learn about their achievements and try some projects in their areas of expertise such as art, music, leadership, science, mathematics and invention. Be inspired by these role models to dream of what you might achieve in the future. Choose famous people from Tudor, Renaissance, Victorian or Modern times. Each block will allow you to explore one or two changes in aspects of everyday life.

Block A
6 sessions
Monarchs - NEW LOOK

Compare the lives and reigns of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. Place their reigns and significant events from their lives on a timeline. Identify the key roles of a monarch through interactive activities.

History, English
Block B
6 sessions
Explorers - NEW LOOK

Discover Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong and compare their equipment and materials. Learn navigation techniques and go on your own expedition.

Geography, History, Science
Block C
6 sessions
Artists - NEW LOOK

Research the life, times and paintings of Van Gogh and L. S. Lowry. Create paintings in their styles. Research and replicate their works and styles. Consider the stories behind their works. Become a critical artist!

History, Art & Design
Block D
5 sessions
Inventors - NEW LOOK

Meet the Wright Brothers and Leonardo da Vinci; discuss and order their inventions on a timeline. Write tenders in role as inventors. Create technical drawings, design and build models. Present your inventions

DT, History
Block E
6 sessions

Explore the lives of Rosa Parks, anti-racism activist in the US, and Malala Yousafzai, activist for girls' education in Afghanistan. Discover their courageous acts against unfairness. Make a stand against injustice.

History, English, Drama
Block F
6 sessions

Use a portrait of Mary Seacole to explore her identity. Become characters in Jennifer Worth's books about being a midwife. Examine the role of nurses today. Learn about healthy eating and exercise.

History, Science
Block G
6 sessions

Discover musical child prodigies Andrew Lloyd Webber and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Compare their talents, achievements and timelines. Experience the music they are famous for and examine its effects.

History, DT, Music
Block H
6 sessions

Discover Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing and their fields of mathematics. Compare technologies for calculating and programming. Build a mathematical function machine. Use, create and de-bug algorithms.

History, Maths, Computing
Block I
6 sessions

Meet William Caxton and Tim Berners-Lee. Discover how they changed the way we communicate. How did people recreate and print text in the past? Reproduce your writing for mass consumption.

History, Computing
Block J
5 sessions
Ice Explorers

Research the polar expeditions of Shackleton and Norgay. See the evolution of materials and portable communication. Conduct insulation experiments to design a polar jacket.

History, Art & Design, Geography
Block K
6 sessions

Discover the lives of Jesse Owens and Ellie Simmonds. Understand the developments in sport from 1936 to present day. Organise a Vegetable Olympics! Plan and present ideas, make flags and join the victory parade.

History, Computing, PE
Block L
7 sessions

Be inspired by William Shakespeare and J. K. Rowling. Compare their timelines and the technologies they used to write. Study their fantasy characters so you can write and discuss your own fantasy stories.

English, History
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