Weather Experts

Block F - Hot, Hot, Hot!

Through a series of lively activities, such as creating and filming their own weather forecasts or making their own weather station, build knowledge of seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK. Begin to understand the hot and cold areas of the world as well as developing locational knowledge and early geographical skills.

This block focuses on the hot climate, art and music of South Africa. Design and construct instruments to accompany performances of weather chants.

This Topic is written for Key Stage 1. If you want to use this Topic for a different Key Stage, you will need to consider how to adapt the outcomes, content, delivery methods, resources and differentiation, as well as the relevant National Curriculum objectives.

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01: Types of Weather in the UK

Investigate the range of weather in the UK. Make up, practise and perform a singing round about weather.

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02: Climates in the UK and Southern Africa

Learn about hot climates of the world and in particular the climate of South Africa.

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03: Weather Chants

Children will compare the weather in the UK and South Africa through exploring tuned and untuned instruments and creating and performing a weather chant together.

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04: Making Instruments

Understand the difference between a continent and a country. Discuss and share ideas about South African musical instruments, then go on to select materials and tools to create simple instruments.

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05: Decorating Instruments

Investigate and imagine life in South Africa. Use materials, colour, pattern, line and shape creatively to decorate instruments, inspired by the life and art of South Africa.

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06: Dry and rainy season chants

Continue exploring tuned and unturned instruments, then create and perform a weather chant together.