Key Stage 1 Weather Experts - NEW LOOK

Through a series of lively activities, such as creating and filming their own weather forecasts or making their own weather station, children will build knowledge of seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK. Begin to understand the hot and cold areas of the world as well as developing locational knowledge and early geographical skills.

Block A
6 sessions
Climate Detectives - NEW LOOK

Learn about the continents, the poles, and many more key ideas, including the 5 key climate zones. Create a travel agency, travel brochures and passport travel stamps!

Block B
6 sessions
Meteorologists - NEW LOOK

Explore aspects of weather. Make simple weather measuring instruments and contribute to a class weather station and weather chart.

Geography, DT
Block C
4 sessions
Extreme Weather - NEW LOOK

Learn about extreme weather conditions in the UK. Look at homes adapted to different climates around the world. Create a storm-resistant den and a flood-resistant house.

Block D
4 sessions
Cold, Cold, Cold! - NEW LOOK

Find out about the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Learn about the climate and wildlife of each and find similarities and differences between them. Begin to understand what climate change is and how it is affecting these regions of the Earth.

Geography, Science
Block E
4 sessions
Daily Weather News

Make a weather chart and film your own weather forecasts! Learn about the countries and capital cities of the UK, points of the compass and weather symbols along the way.

Geography, Drama
Block F
6 sessions
Hot, Hot, Hot!

Focus on the climate, art and music of South Africa. Design and construct instrumentst for performances of weather chants.

Music, Geography
Block G
5 sessions
Seasonal Change

Study famous artworks and create collages, drawings and paintings to develop an understanding of weather patterns. Work towards a final art display.

Geography, Art & Design
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