We Are Britain

Block B - Four Nations

Learn about the countries and capitals of the UK. Learn fundamental information, key geographical vocabulary and important skills such as using maps, atlases and globes. Learn through a series of creative activities such as puppet show presentations, individual ‘family trees’ , a class ‘Breakfast Club’ that celebrates the diversity of all the children, putting on a castle inspired art exhibition, taking part in your own ‘We are Great Britain’ conference and sharing a final GB Bakery celebration!

Board a flying bus to learn about the 4 nations that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Take a tour of London and then visit the four nations learning about their key physical and key human features. Contribute to 4 collage posters. Participate in a St George’s Day Pageant, Highland Games, Eisteddfod and Belfast Lord Mayor’s Parade. Become a delegate at a National Conference. This rich block offers a huge selection of creative activities that will bring to life the geographical knowledge about the UK’s countries capital cities and its surrounding seas.

This Topic is written for Key Stage 1. If you want to use this Topic for a different Key Stage, you will need to consider how to adapt the outcomes, content, delivery methods, resources and differentiation, as well as the relevant National Curriculum objectives.

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01: London!

Tour the capital driven by a lion before constructing your own models of some of the visual landmarks of London. Take aerial photographs. Listen to the National Anthem performed in Westminster Abbey and sing first verse.

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02: Visit England

Take a magical flying bus tour around England! Research and contribute to large class collage poster ‘England’. Add physical features to map of UK. Learn about St George. Why do the national football and rugby teams have 3 lions and a rose on their shirts?

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03: Celebrate England!

Participate in a St George’s Day Pageant; eat an English picnic, play cricket and dance around a Maypole. Make a lion mask; tell a fellow lion what you’ve learnt about England.

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04: Visit Scotland

All aboard the flying bus, this time with the Loch Ness monster to Scotland! Research and contribute to large class poster ‘Scotland’.  Learn about patron saint St Andrew and why the unicorn is important to Scotland.

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05: Celebrate Scotland

Participate in a homemade Highland Games with some Scottish dancing and a Scottish picnic. Make Nessie sock puppets who explain to one another what they have learnt about Scotland.

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06: Visit Wales

All aboard the flying bus again, this time Dragon drives bus to Wales!  Research and contribute to large class collage poster ‘Wales’. Learn about St David - patron saint of Wales, but what’s his name in the welsh language?

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07: Celebrate Wales!

Participate in a class Eisteddfod. Individuals/pairs/ groups share their choice of poetry, sing, dance. Dragon puppets explain to one another what they have learnt about Wales.

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08: Visit Northern Ireland

All aboard the flying bus again to Northern Ireland!  Children research contributions for large class poster ‘Northern Ireland’. Hear about Finn MacCool and how there are stories about how giants formed certain features of the country including the Giant’s Causeway. 

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09: Celebrate Northern Ireland!

Participate in a Northern Ireland Celebration; take part in a Lord Mayor’s parade, do some Irish dancing, make and eat an Irish picnic.  Tell Finn the giant what you have learned about Northern Ireland.

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10: National Conference

Children become delegatesfrom 4 home nations to discuss how to attract/persuade tourists arriving at airports not just to visit London. Discussion - which should be England’s national song to use at football matches, sports/ gamesevents?