Problem solving

Problem-solving Investigations - Year 3/4

Hamilton provide weekly Mixed Year 3/4 maths problem-solving investigations (below). These mixed-age investigations below will be phased out when we phase out our mixed age weekly maths plans.  Year 3/4 short maths blocks will be coming during Summer Term for September 2019 and will include investigations for every unit. Find out more about the timetable for Hamilton's Y3/4 maths blocks, including investigations.

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Counter place value

Children place counters on a PV grid to make three-digit numbers and then use logic to ensure they have made all combinations. Year 3 make whole numbers; Year 4 make numbers with one decimal place.

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Make 100

Given a pattern of four one digit numbers, children attempt to make a total of exactly 100.

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Pattern subtractions

Year 3: Children subtract 2-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers, by counting up, and look out for patterns in the numbers. Year 4: Children subtract pairs of 3-digit numbers.

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Hands and fingers

Children test a theory finding and using accurate measurements to the nearest half centimetre.

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Fraction bets!

Children look at fractions and make a hypothesis of which ones are closest.  They then test this out by placing fractions on a line.

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Testing 10s

Children multiply (year 3) or divide (year 4) numbers by 10, carry out a given produce and look for patterns in their answer.

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Magical subtractions

Children subtract the digital root of a 3-digit number from that number. Magic ensues!

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Next door additions

Children add pairs of 3-digit numbers and look for patterns in the digital root of the answers.

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Time to reflect

Year 3: Children apply their knowledge of 12-hour digital clocks. Year 4: Children apply their knowledge of 24-hour digital clocks.

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Crack the code

Children work together to reason and think logically to crack a code.

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Rocking remainders

Children divide 11, 22, 33...99 by 3, 4, 5... and look for patterns in the remainders.