Problem solving

Problem-solving Investigations - Year 1/2

Hamilton provide weekly Mixed Year 1/2 maths problem-solving investigations (below). These mixed-age investigations below will be phased out when we phase out our mixed age weekly maths plans.  Year 1/2 short maths blocks will be coming during Summer Term for September 2019 and will include investigations for every unit. Find out more about the timetable for Hamilton's Y1/2 maths blocks, including investigations.

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Calculating caterpillars (Y1), Nines to zeros (Y2)

Caluclating caterpillars (Y1): Children add and subtract 1 and 10 in order to reach targets.  Nines to zeros (Y2): Children repeatedly add 9 or 19 to numbers unitl they get a multiple of 10, and look for patterns.

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Cross sums

Year 1: Children arrange numbers 1 to 5 on a cross and show that the row and column have the same total.  Year 2: Children find totals of 5 numbers less than 10 to give different totals.

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Coins in my pockets

Children use clues, and trial and improvement to find different combinations of coins with a total of 20p.

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Ten to the kilo

Children use estimation and accurate measurement skills to find exactly ten items which weigh precisely one kilogram.

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Odds and evens

Children use number shapes to find totals of odd and even numbers, to see if they can find any rules.

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Square order

Children place four digit cards on a grid to create 2-digit numbers and order them. They move the digits around to make smaller/larger numbers.

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Mr Know It All!

Children find out which amounts of money from 10p to 20p (Y2 also find amounts from 20p to 50p) can be made using 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p coins, using no more than one of each.

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Fill the bucket (Y1), Mystery potion (Y2)

Fill the Bucket (Y1): Children estimate then measure the capacity of a bucket and play a game filling it.  Mystery potion (Y2): Children use clues to work out ingredients for a 'magical' potion.

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Pyramid sums (Y1), Mrs Multiple's cakes (Y2)

Pyramid sums (Y1): Children place three numbers in the bottom row of an addition pyramid and see that it is possible to end up with different numbers at the top.  Mrs Multiple's cakes (Y2): Children arrange 'cakes' in arrays and find which numbers between 10 and 20 can be arranged in most ways.

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10 to 50 challenge

Children find which numbers from 5 to 9 they can add repeatedly to 10 to land exactly on 50.

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Difference towers

Children arrange four towers such that the difference between neighbouring towers is at least two.