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Upper Key Stage 2 (Y5/6) English Plans - Set A

Hamilton provide mixed Y5/6 weekly English plans (below). We hope, in time, to develop flexible blocks for this mixed year combination. Find out more about our plans to phase out mixed age plans and publish Y5/6 English blocks.

Hamilton's Year 5/6 English plans cover all of the statutory objectives of the National Curriculum for England's English objectives. The Coverage Chart lays out how these are met in a two-year rolling programme (Set A & Set B). Medium and Long Term Plans summarise books used and grammar taught. Individual plans include an outcomes table.

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Fiction 1: Classic fiction

Children explore the charm and challenge of classic fiction, (The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, Illustrated by Robert Ingpen, and A Collection of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling). Children write a modern-day Jungle Book story, Just So Stories diary entries, and tell outrageous lies, courtesy of conjunctions. The unit ends with children performing their own Just So Story in Kipling's style.

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Fiction 2: Biographies and autobiographies

Use biographies of Roald Dahl and Michael Morpurgo (both books and online) and their autobiographical writing to identify features of biographies and autobiographies. Use the texts to study dialogue, noun phrases and complex sentences (Boy and Going Solo by Roald Dahl, Singing for Mrs Pettigrew: a story-maker’s journey, and Homecoming by Michael Morpurgo). Write autobiographies online.

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Non-fiction 1: Recounts

Using the context of UFOs, children explore recounts investigating genuine documents, discussing famous sightings and researching notorious hoaxes (UFOs and Aliens: Investigating Extraterrestrial Visitors - Extreme! by Paul Mason, UFO Diary by Satoshi Kitamura). Children write a diary entry and create their own hoax UFO photo and report. A presentation to parents completes the unit.

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Non-fiction 2: Instructions and explanations

Hover boards and Doggie Umbrellas meet new-fangled escalators and dial telephones in a unit, which explores instructions and explanations in the context of changing technology. Children try pitching in the Dragon's Den and create guides for futuristic travel.

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Poetry 1: Slam poetry

Study a slam poem (a form of performance poetry) and other poems about what to do when you grow up, You Wait Til I’m Older Than You! By Michael Rosen. Children write an extra verse about their dreams. Use poems about not knowing what to write to stimulate writing about everyday little things. Hold a poetry slam.

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Poetry 2: Classic poems

Lewis Carroll's Walrus and the Carpenter stimulates performance, discussion and persuasive writing, in this poetry unit. Hilaire Belloc's Cautionary Tales provide cause for debate and the children end the unit writing their own modern day cautionary poems.