National Curriculum

Year 2/3 English Plans (Set A)

Hamilton provide mixed Y2/3 weekly English plans (below). We hope, in time, to develop flexible blocks for this mixed year combination. Find out more about our plans to phase out mixed age plans and publish Y2/3 English blocks.

Hamilton's Year 2/3 English plans cover all of the statutory objectives of the National Curriculum for England's English objectives. The Coverage Chart lays out how these are met in a two-year rolling programme (Set A & Set B). Medium and Long Term Plans summarise books used and grammar taught. Individual plans include an outcomes table.

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Fiction 1: Stories in familiar settings

Starting with The Huge Bag of Worries, children explore the characters and worries. They orally re-tell Changes, looking at the structure and characters. Finally they look at Once Upon an Ordinary School Day. They plan and write their own amazing stories!

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Fiction 2: Traditional tales

Children extend and explore their imaginations, using Use Your Imagination by Nicola Byrne, and the Hamilton reader The Scariest Baddy Ever. They develop their understanding of speech and thought and its written conventions. This culminates in writing their own imaginative story, using extended sentences, descriptive language, speech, and their imagination to engage the reader!

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Non-fiction 1: Information texts

Information texts share fascinating facts about our world! Using the theme of eels, children will explore the textual features of writing narrative non-fiction and non-chronological reports.  They will be able to write statements, questions and exclamations and understand how to use the possessive apostrophe. Children will publish their own books inspired by Think of an Eel and work collaboratively to publish a class non-fiction book about the many different species of eels in the oceans and rivers of the world.

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Non-fiction 2: Letters

Children focus on two Oliver Jeffers books, Stuck and The Hueys: It Wasn’t Me.  They look at the issues raised and use them to explore features of letter writing. They will have opportunities for role-play and discussion before writing letters themselves.

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Poetry 1: A study of a poet - Zephaniah

Children will be immersed in the wonderful world of Benjamin Zephaniah. They will explore many poems both on paper from the book Funky Chickens, and from the poet himself. They will learn, perform then write their own versions. 


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Poetry 2: Classic poems

Beginning with Macavity, children are introduced to classic poems. They write their own versions before exploring another classic, The Owl and the Pussycat. They perform & write a continuation using ideas from The Further Adventures of The Owl and the Pussy-cat.