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Reception English Plans (Set B)

Hamilton provide Reception weekly English plans (below). English blocks based on the new 2019 Early Learning Goals will be coming from September for 2019-20. We will be phasing out the plans, as we believe our blocks will offer you all of the same advantages and more. Find out more about the timetable for Hamilton's Early Years English.

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Toys. Non-fiction: Labels, captions, list, descriptions (weeks 1-3)

Taking inspiration from I Love You Blue Kangaroo by Emma Chichester-Clark, children share favourite toys and write descriptions. They talk about toys from long ago with a visitor, learn about old bears and make a class toy museum of old and new toys writing factual statements for displays.

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Toys. Fiction: Stories about toys (weeks 4-5)

Children become familiar with a teddy bear story that they sequence, write in their own words and act out. Read other stories about toys, express preferences, discuss issues, investigate hula hoops, balls and spinning tops, draw bears and make a Jack-in-the-Box.

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Toys. Poetry: Classic poems, chants about toys, rhyming couplets (week 6)

Read a range of classic poems about toys. Children write their own rhyming couplet about a favourite toy and also learn a skipping chant about a toy off by heart. They add verses to the chant and learn to skip. They make pots and find out which toys float or sink.

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High in the sky. Fiction: Flying above the clouds (weeks 7-8)

Children listen to three stories on the same theme, with similar plots, (Cloudland by John Burningham, Bored Bill by Liz Pichon). They act out a similar story, produce a character profile, sequence events and then use these to plan and write their own story. Activities include baking, cloud patterns and salt pictures.

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High in the sky. Non-fiction: Information and instructions (weeks 9-10)

During these two weeks children look at aeroplanes, rockets, kites and flight and explore differences between fiction and factual writing and study the features of information texts. They write instructions and design a 21st century aeroplane and make and fly planes.

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High in the sky. Poetry: Bear flies high and weather poems (weeks 11-12)

Children tackle many tasks based on the poetry story Bear Flies High by Michael Rosen and Adrian Reynolds. They look at rhymes and read together. Study other poems including some about weather and discover that words that sound the same can be written differently. Cook, paint and make windmills.