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Treat Your Reception Class to a Jam-packed Summer of Celebration

Julie St Clair Hoare By Julie St Clair Hoare

Our Celebrations topic for Reception covers celebratory events from your own community and the wider world. Discover the special dates that you can make extra-special and educational for your class!

This varied and diverse topic is designed to run through the school year, encouraging us to learn about similarities and differences between people and communities whilst covering early learning goals from across art & design, dance, drama, English, RE and maths, all through immersive learning experiences.

Summer Term and Throughout the Year

The dates of many holidays are set according to lunar calendars, and therefore move around in relation to the solar calendar that most people use in secular life. Some, like Wesak and Hanukkah and Easter move within a limited range; however, some holidays can come any time during the solar calendar year.

Eid-ul-Fitr - ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which can fall in any month in the solar calendar
Celebrate Eid by learning the story of Muhammad and the Five Pillars of Islam, including fasting during Ramadan, the ritual period that leads up to Eid. Design a prayer mat and create or paint fireworks.

Wesak - celebrated on the full moon in May
Celebrate Wesak or Buddha's birthday with your class. Children meditate, learn about Buddhist principles, and create Mandalas. Enjoy lots of laughing!

Personal birthdays - whenever you have birthdays to celebrate, you can link them to lots of early learning goals. Organise a party to celebrate birthdays in your community!