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Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris

Grace Woollard By Grace Woollard

Given the current enthusiasm for all things dragonish, you may find this book a real treat for your class.

The simple structure, each page describes a different dragon, makes this very accessible for younger children and an excellent writing prompt. What makes this a stand out book though, is the quality of the language and beauty of the illustrations. Why use a worksheet to hammer home expanded noun phrases when you can inspire children to create ‘whisper-thin wings of rainbow hues’? The book is illustrated throughout in Jackie Morris’ distinctive vivid watercolour style. It would create brilliant stimulation for descriptive speaking and writing as well as stimulating illustration work.

Few children could resist the invitation on the final page, ‘Now tell me about your dragon.’ So, can you tell me about yours…?

  • Category: One you may have missed
  • Age: Reception to Year 4
  • Topics: Dragons
  • Teaching areas: Creative writing, report writing, descriptive writing, figurative language, building expanded noun phrases

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