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Free Science Resources on Hamilton

By Nick Barwick

Hamilton provides hundreds of high quality science resources for primary teachers. But did you know that we make half of all of our science session plan and resources documents available for FREE?

Hamilton's science planning is grouped in blocks, each of which fits nicely into a half term. With six sessions in a block, you can teach them once a week for six weeks, or bunch your science study together over the course of a couple of weeks.

The blocks culminate in meaningful outcomes that provide purpose and motivation for learning.

Each block suggested for teaching in the first half of Autumn, Spring and Summer is FREE!

I think your materials are great! I love them! You have helped my students fall in love with science.

David from Washington DC, USA

Each session comes with relevant textual and visual resources for you to print or display. Where useful, we also provide ready-made PowerPoint presentations.

The science plans are so good I really couldn't do without them!

Sarah, a Year 5 teacher in Yorkshire

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Added Value Materials for Friends and School Subscribers

Hamilton provide some additional materials for our school subscribers and Friends. To see previews and descriptions of these, keep reading, but you don't need them to start using Hamilton's free session planning and resource documents.

For technical reasons the 'Download All Files' functionality buttons for each session only work for subscribing users, but anyone can download all of the session documents individually.

  • Year Overview

  • Assessment Grid

  • Block Overview

  • Key Concepts

  • Background Science

Dear Hamilton Team, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing science plans that you produce. As a result of this excellent resource, the children in our school love science, share their learning with their parents and look forward to the next week's work.

Catherine, a Year 3 and 4 teacher in Northamtponshire