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Flexible English: New for Spring!

Suzie Hunt By Suzie Hunt

We now offer a wider range of English blocks for Spring term. Pick and choose from a range of texts, and tailor your teaching to the needs of your class.

The following English Blocks are new on the site for Spring:

Key Stage 1

Lower Key Stage 2

  • Year 3 - Greek Myths (Fiction)
    Explore, read and write myths.
  • Year 3 - Expressing Emotions (Poetry)
    Explore, write and perform emotional poetry.
  • Year 3 - Instructions and Explanations (Non-Fiction)
    Inspire writing with the beautiful Ink Garden of Brother Theophane
  • Year 4 - Legends of the Sea (Fiction)
    Use captivating stories of selkies and mermaids to develop higher level reading skills.
  • Year 4 - Persuasive Writing (Non-Fiction)
    Cherish rainforests and persuade others to do so too.
  • Year 4 - Stories that Raise Issues (Fiction)
    Use rainforest stories, explore the issues confronting indigenous peoples and the environment.

Upper Key Stage 2

  • Year 5 - Poems by the Same Poet (Poetry)
    Meet Joseph Coelho! Read, watch and discuss his work (in Werewolf Club Rules).
  • Year 5 - Argument and Debate (Non-Fiction)
    Lay the groundwork for effective argument and persuasion, written and spoken.
  • Year 5 or Year 6 - Shakespeare (Fiction)
    Choose from Romeo & Juliet, The Tempest, Macbeth for an in-depth study.
  • Year 6 - Percy Jackson and Greek Myths (SATs revision)
    Plunge into your Spring Revision Term with our Greek Myth-Themed Y6 Revision Block.