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D-Day Anniversary

By Karen Edwards - 31 May 2024

The 6th June marks the anniversary of the Battle of Normandy and the D-Day landings that ultimately led to the end of World War 2 in Europe.

Learn about the D-Day landings with your key stage 2 class with our topic blocks about victory and the end of World War 2.

Many museums and similar institutions are holding special events in memory of the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy. Look out for educational opportunities in your local area.

D-Day Landings and Victory for Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3 and year 4 children learn about the D-Day landings and the beginning of the liberation of Europe, they write coded messages and study the map of the English channel and the Normandy beaches. Learn about the final days of the war and plan a VE day party, including bunting, food and hats. Finish the block by reviewing learning about WW2, and begin to understand the story of the United Nations. Celebrate the end of the war by hosting a victory party for your class and visitors.

Explore our D-Day Landings and Victory topic block for LKS2

D-Day Landings and the End of the War for Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5 and year 6 children research the events leading up to, and involved in, the D-Day landings. Understand the role that the French Resistance and espionage played in sabotaging German plans, and learn about the role of women in the Resistance (especially Nancy Wake, aka ‘The White Mouse’). Children invent codenames and codes and hide them in everyday items (pens, soap, toothpaste tubes).

Go on to understand the events leading to the end of the war, the surrender of countries, the Battle of Berlin and death of Hitler. Consider the Paris Peace Treaties of 1947. Make a peace dove as part of a class reflection. Plan a street party in the style of those that took place on VE Day, using bunting, food from 1940s recipes, music and tea dancing and invite older members of the community to join in.

Explore our D-Day Landings and the End of the War topic block for UKS2