Upper Key Stage 2 Earliest Civilisations: Shang Dynasty

Learn all about The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China (1600-1046 BC). Discover key information about the formation of the Shang Dynasty and the kings who ruled it. Learn about everyday life, the music, cities and settlements, and the process of worship in this early civilisation. Study how the Shang developed warfare techniques, technology, and writing.

Block A
4 sessions
The Shang Timeline

This block provides you with key information about the Shang Dynasty, including its geography, kings and timeline. Consider how we evaluate the reliability of sources.

History, Geography
Block B
4 sessions
Farming and Food

Discover the farming and cookery of the Shang Dynasty. Explore farming practices, ingredients, and the importance of the silk worm in this early civilisation. Try painting on silk.

History, Science
Block C
5 sessions
Writing and the Shang Calendar

If you enjoy problem solving, brain teasers and languages, you will love this block about the writing and calendar of the Shang Dynasty. Learn how Chinese writing works and investigate Shang texts and calendars.

History, English
Block D
7 sessions

Investigate the Shang bronze manufacturing process and amazing Shang bronze vessels. Create your own vessels and set up your own museum to explain how bronze vessels were made in the Shang period.

DT, History, Drama
Block E
4 sessions

Research different sources and consider what makes a historical source valid and reliable. Learn about the Shang army and generals as you investigate the Battle of Muye and the rise and fall of the Shang.

History, English
Block F
5 sessions

Learn about Shang beliefs regarding death, burial rituals, divining the future, folk religion and ancestor worship. Learn about the tomb of Fu Hao, leader and priestess, and create your own time capsule.

History, Art & Design
Block G
5 sessions

Research the cities and societies of this dynasty, as well as the lives and roles of the people. Use your knowledge as the basis of your own board game about the Shang.

History, DT
Block H
4 sessions

Find out about the instruments (bells, pipes, cymbals, flutes) and music made by the Shang people. Make simple instruments and compose a piece of instrumental music about the final days of the Shang Dynasty.

History, Music
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