Lower Key Stage 2 Modern Europe

Discover Modern Europe in this exciting and informative topic. Understand the amazing physical and human geography of Modern Europe. Travel around, learn key facts and explore the varied countries that make up our European continent. Develop skills in human and physical geography and further your historical and cultural knowledge of these countries. Select countries relevant to your children or your wider context to compare with your local area to develop understanding of geographical similarities and differences between different countries and geographical areas.

Block A
6 sessions
Introduction to Modern Europe

Understand the physical and human geography of Modern Europe. Create a 'European' map with key physical features. Research a European capital city. Examine the weather from each of Europe’s climate zones.

Computing, Geography
Block B
4 sessions

Learn about the human and physical geography of France, including its climate zones. Discover the art of Cézanne, Seurat and Morisot and where their works are located geographically.

Art & Design, Computing, Geography
Block C
4 sessions

Become a professional footballer in Germany, learn about your team and its region's geographic features. Go with the Brothers Grimm into the Black Forest to discover how the landscape influenced traditional tales.

English, Geography
Block D
4 sessions

Join the world’s top cyclists through Spain. Stop off en-route to try classic Spanish cooking. Learn about dish origins and thier links to the geography of Andalusia, Valencia and the Cantabrian Mountains.

DT, Geography
Block E
5 sessions

Discover the four Russian biomes to protect them for future generations. Become a Biome Coordinator and put on a biome exhibition, including food chain mobiles, adaptation fold-ups and a large scale model of your biome.

DT, Geography
Block F
4 sessions

Travel to Italy's alpine scenery and vast mountain ranges. Take a trip back to CE 79 and the fateful day that Mt Vesuvius erupted. Why do Italians settle at the foot of Southern Italy's volcanoes? Would you run the risk?

History, Geography
Block G
4 sessions

Study the geography and winter sports of Norway in preparation for a 'top trumps'-style briefing of sports executives for the winter Olympics. Consider forces and friction challenges.

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