Lower Key Stage 2 Geographical Skills - Mini topic

This topic enables you to cover the core elements of the whole of the KS2 geography curriculum. All of the skills and areas of knowledge are included.'Enrichment activities' allow you to incorporate other subjects as well. Use the local environment of your school to develop geographical skills and knowledge specified in the National Curriculum.

This topic is the same as the Geography Skills topic for upper key stage 2, as the National Curriculum is specified across the whole of key stage 2. It is up to you the teacher to decide how and when to cover the different parts of the geography curriculum. Geography Skills can be used as an overall introduction to the subject in Year 3 or as a way to refresh geography learning in Year 4 or Year 5 or as a way to pull together the skills learned across the key stage in Year 6. It complements our other geography focussed topics for lower key stage 2: Modern Europe, Rainforests and Mountains, Rivers and Coasts.

Our KS2 Geography Curriculum Planner can help your school plan and track coverage across the whole key stage.

Block A
6 sessions
Building Skills in Geography

Take on this set of exciting and sometimes mysterious challenges to see if you can become a world-wide geography whizz and Olympic map champion. You may even save your school from being flattened for an intergalactic supermarket along the way!

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