Lower Key Stage 2 Crime and Punishment

Introduce children to the development of the system of courts, police and different approaches to punishment from the Anglo-Saxon times to the modern day. The topic of crime and punishment is explored sensitively through philosophical enquiry, creative writing, poetry, drama, art and design.

Block A
4 sessions
Rule of Law

Learn about the development of the rule of law in British history from 1066 to the present day. Make a timeline of developments in crime and punishment.

Block B
4 sessions
Crimes and Punishment

Research criminals from the past, what their crimes were and the evidence against them. Were they fairly treated by today’s standards? Debate issues around penalties appropriate to their own time.

PSHE, Drama, History
Block C
6 sessions

Learn about the different kinds of criminal courts that people could face from the Anglo-Saxon times to the present day and undertake re-enactments of trials.

Block D
4 sessions

Learn about how the police were formed in the eighteenth century and how their job has changed over the years. Find out about the types of work police officers do. Learn about detective work and crime prevention.

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