Key Stage 1 Beyond Living Memory: Commemorating History

Learn about events beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally and are commemorated through festivals or anniversaries. Choose from our series of lively and creative blocks focussed on key commemorative days, including Remembrance Day, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving Day, the first aeroplane flight, Shakespeare’s birthday, the Monarch’s official birthday, the National Days of Canada, Poland, India and Peru and Commonwealth Day.

Block A
6 sessions
Remembrance Day

Children reflect on their own memories and the meaning of symbols, in particular the Remembrance Day poppy. Explore the ways that Remembrance Day is marked in Britain and other countries.

History, SMSC
Block B
3 sessions
Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes

Read about Guy Fawkes, think about his life and tell the story of the Gunpowder Plot. Make your own Guy Fawkes. Role-play the Gunpowder Plot. Make artworks inspired by Bonfire night and learn about fire safety.

History, Drama
Block C
4 sessions
Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day recognises the Plymouth Pilgrims joining a feast with Native Peoples to celebrate the harvest. Take part in role-play and practical tasks inspired by this annual day of turkey dinners and parades in USA.

History, Drama
Block D
5 sessions
The First Aeroplane Flight

Learn about the Wright brothers and their first aeroplane flight on December 17th 1903. Find out about the history of flight and how aeroplanes fly. Use music and role play to recreate the events of that auspicious day.

History, Drama
Block E
4 sessions
The Monarch's Official Birthday

Every year the UK celebrates the official birthday of the Monarch in early June. Find out about the origin of this annual event, the Trooping of Colour and the Monarch’s birthday honours list.

History, Maths, PE
Block F
3 sessions
Shakespeare's Birthday

Be inspired by William Shakespeare while celebrating his birthday on 23 April. Think about what life would have been like in Tudor times. Learn about his most famous works and go on a virtual tour of the Globe Theatre.

Drama, History
Block G
5 sessions
National Days

Why do countries have national days? Learn about Canada Day, National day of Poland, Indian Republic Day and Peru Day. Do they celebrate unification or independence? Design a Google doodle for a country's national day.

History, Art & Design, Geography
Block H
4 sessions
Commonwealth Day

Receive a visit from the monarch and listen to the challenge set. Create a Commonwealth collage, take part in traditional games and design a unique Commonwealth flag. Celebrate with a friendly Commonwealth Day!

Geography, History, SMSC
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