Short Blocks

Maths Year 6 Summer Spr/Sum Revision Menu A

Revision for Year 6 SATs will be driven by the specific needs of the children in your class. We therefore provide a 'Menu' of Revision units for you to choose from, with the option to begin your Revision in the Spring Term. The full 'Menu' is also available in the Summer term. Menu 'A' caters largely for number-based skills; Menu 'B' provides for consolidation of non-number toipcs. Our 'FLEXIBLE BLOCKS' provide the same menus of revision teaching.

Each Revision unit has everything you need to revise a set of related skills and concepts. 'Teaching & Group Activities' provides a plan for whole-class teaching; a 'Slide Presentation' brings this teaching to life on the IWB. Fully-differentiated adult-led group activities follow, allowing for small-group personalised learning, where you may deal with children's 'Common Misconceptions'. Fluency can be rehearsed with our 'Practice Sheets', or learning checked with the 'Mastery Activity'.

‘UNIT PLAN’ gives you a text version of all parts of the unit to use in your school planning documentation. ‘DOWNLOAD ALL FILES’ gives you that unit plan plus all of the associated documents. These bulk downloads are only available to Hamilton Friends and School Subscribers.

Understand decimals, including negatives (suggested as 3 days)

Extra Support

This unit has no separate Extra Support activities.