Short Blocks

Maths Year 6 Summer Exploration in Maths

Each unit has everything you need to teach a set of related skills and concepts.

Explore a million (suggested as 2 days)

Planning and Activities

Day 1
Read the book How Big is a Million, showing the poster of a million stars. Place children into ten groups. If we produce a picture of a million altogether, how many does each group need to produce? Discuss strategies such as copying an array of 10 by 10 dots, or 100 by 100 dots.
Group Activities
-- Whole class activity: Reason about the size of the number 1 million. Use place value and ICT skills to accurately create 10 lots of 100,000 ‘objects’.

Day 2
If a million people were to stand in line, one behind the other, how long might the line be? Discuss how you might work this out, then show the answer of a map of Britain to give children a sense of the distance. How much might a million lentils weigh? How could we find out?
Group Activities
-- Reason about and calculate the height of a stack of 1 million sheets of paper.
-- Complete one of several ‘one million’ reasoning challenges.

You Will Need

  • How Big is a Million by Anna Milbourne and Serena Riglietti
  • Computer access to at least ten desktop computers/laptops in the classroom
  • Map of Britain: preferably on the IWB
  • Calculators, lentils and electronic weighing scales
  • Rulers and two reams of paper
  • Tape measures and ten £1 coins

Mastery: Reasoning and Problem-Solving

This unit has no separate problem-solving activities or investigations.

Extra Support

This unit has no separate Extra Support activities.