Short Blocks

Maths Year 5/6 Autumn Addition & Subtraction (B)

Each unit has everything you need to teach a set of related skills and concepts.

Money: counting up, change, differences (suggested as 2 days)

Planning and Activities

Day 1 Teaching
Use counting up (Frog) to find change from £20. Use a bar model to show change from £50 and then change from £100 for a pair of items.
Group Activities
Y5 -- Find change from £20 and £50 by counting up (Frog).
Y5/6 -- Add two or three amounts of money and find the change from £100.

Day 2 Teaching
Use counting up (Frog) to find differences between amounts of money.
Group Activities
Y5/6 - Whole class investigation: Find the difference between two money amounts by counting up. Notice and describe patterns in answers.

You Will Need

  • Mini-whiteboards and pens
  • Catalogues with age appropriate games and toys
  • Finding change from £100 (see resources) or real items with similar price labels

Short Mental Workouts

Day 1
Pairs to £1 ping-pong

Day 2
Finding change


Day 1
Y5 Find the change from £50.
Y6 Work out totals and calculating change: ‘Shopping in Town’.

Day 2
Y5/6 Find differences between prices on two websites.

Mastery: Reasoning and Problem-Solving


  • Frog is counting up from £5.61 to £20. First, he hops 49p to £6. Then he hops £15 to £20. What has he done wrong? Can you correct him?
  • Laila’s Dad buys some groceries for £38.14. He pays with a £50 note and gets £12.86 change. Just about to leave the shop, Laila says ‘Stop Dad, you’ve got too much change!’ Do you agree with her?
  • What is the change from £100 if you buy yourself and a friend a meal for £36.32 each?
  • £54.23 – ☐ = £18.76
    What amount is missing?


  • True or false?
    -- Buying 3 things each less than £30, and each priced at a number of pounds and 99p, will result in 3p and some pounds change from £100.
    -- Three amounts totalling £10 can be written without any being more than £3.40.
  • When estimating how much change we will get, is it better to round up to the next pound or down to the previous pound? Give a reason for your answer.

In-depth Investigation: Day 2 Group Activity
Children explore differences between 4-digit money amounts in the form £☐☐.☐☐.

Extra Support

Y5: DVD Decisions
Using counting up (Frog) to calculate change from £10

Y6: Phone a Frog
Using counting up (Frog) to calculate change from £100